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The Human Nutrient Cycle


In order to keep the Human Nutrient Cycle intact, food for humans is grown in enriched soil from organic waste from humanure and food scraps. Humans can maintain the fertility of their agricultural soils indefinitely by respecting this cycle.

SOURCE: Humanure

Low environmental impact

Bioloo composting toilets have very little volume of discharge and with effective nitrogen and phosphate treatment the environmental impact is very low. Worms aid aeration which further reduces bulk.

No Electricity. No Water. No Chemicals.
Bioloos do not require power or water. No chemicals are required. The system completely relies on naturally occurring bacteria and worms to work.

Low Cost

The BioLoo System is a less than a third the cost of traditional septic tanks. The UV-treated polyethylene plastic ensure up to a 50 year lifespan.


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