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About Us 

Our company is based in Rotorua, New Zealand. We also have a plastic rotational moulding company and manufacture the Bioloo Composting toilets in-house to our own design.

I started the Bioloo company 25 years ago after working as a ranger for the old NZ Forest Service and then the Department of Conservation after its inception. 

We found it increasingly difficult to find suitable locations for the relocation of long drop toilets at hut and camp sites. In some sites, toilets had been moved many times and there was no room left. Long drop toilets were not pleasant to use at the best of times let alone at busy sites in summer! We wanted to eliminate if possible the smells and flies usually associated with outdoor loos.

There had to be a better way...

After adapting some overseas designs to New Zealand conditions, and a lot of trial and error, we feel we have a design that works in the largest variety of situations. We wanted a system that could work without power and water and could be adapted to work with low flush toilets if required.

Composting toilets that work well do not produce smells or attract flies.

In the composting world, size does matter where the compost pile requires a warm, stable environment. We wanted the material to be in the tank for at least a year to ensure a compost that was as pathogen-free as possible.

The result is a toilet that meets NZ Standards and the Building Code.


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